No ordinary apple.

A Closer Look at EarthFresh® Castaways Program

Please, have some possibilities with
your potatoes.

It is no secret that value-added has been the tag to showcase in recent years, but the kind of “value” that distinction indicates may require a broader definition with packs like the EarthFresh® Castaways program.

Not only is the bag convenient and appealing to the eye, it is compostable and, therefore, as bio-friendly as the contents inside—perfectly good potatoes that might have added to food waste if not for Castaways.

Going beyond preparation and convenience to values of the head and heart, the materials making up this offering hush the cognitive dissonance in shoppers’ minds as they walk away with all the positive attributes of a bag without the baggage. Meanwhile, it displays the story of how many billions of pounds of food are tossed away annually.

EarthFresh has produced a complete package to broaden the value of both the bagged category at retail and the potato offerings. And doing so with both function and fashion by its side.

Sleek and stark among others of its kind, the Castaways bag utilizes every square inch with enticing info and story, yet is not too cluttered in maximizing the space it holds. And its siblings—a bio-based line of mesh bags derived from plants and other renewable agricultural, marine, and forestry materials—help complete a practical and attractive full-circle of sustainability.

With several options in the line, the possibilities as our industry strives to set and exceed truly sustainable standards clearly reach from the soil to the stars.

So, as consumers shop increasingly with
their hearts, let’s revisit how we define
value-added.The Snack Endstop