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A Closer Look at Giumarra Companies Fuyu Persimmons

Do You Fuyu™? Just those three words were enough to pique your interest, at least long enough to make it to the end of another sentence in this article. Giumarra Companies is no stranger to the effects of its branding, as this signature tagline graces the top of the supplier’s Fuyu persimmons bags, directly communicating with the shopper via a direct and intriguing call to action. While this phrase has become a mainstay on the produce provider’s persimmons packaging, it continues to hook consumers who are unfamiliar with the captivating offering found inside. 

Encompassing the Kaylee™ brand from the provider’s California persimmon grower, this convenient grab-and-go bag turns simplicity into sales, as its transparent and sleek look gives shoppers the opportunity to see the quality persimmons perfectly presented inside. The vibrant fruit and brightly colored branding lend well to large retail displays and encourage shoppers to purchase persimmons in volume. 

A closer look at the bag will reveal notes on flavor and texture, educating consumers on what to expect when they pick up one of Giumarra’s mouth-watering Fuyu persimmons. I mean, what attracts a shopper’s taste buds more than “sweet,” “crunchy,” and “ready-to-eat?”

Giumarra Companies begins shipping Fuyu persimmons in September, and the supplier offers strategic merchandising and marketing support to help its partners drive sales, including eye-catching signage and display materials.

So, now that you understand the hype over this lucrative offering, I’ll ask once more: Do You Fuyu? I sure do. The Snack Endstop