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A Closer Look at Good Foods Dairy Dip Rebrand

Versatile? Eye-catching? New? If I had to describe these delicious products, I would choose all of the above. Good Foods™ recently rolled out a rebrand of its dairy dips to fresh produce aisles across the nation, and they are catching the interest of shoppers everywhere.

The line features three flavors: Feta Cucumber, Creamy Ranch, and the new Spinach Artichoke Parmesan. Together, Good Foods’ dairy dip line is perfect with a veggie appetizer or as an easy hack to make cooking a breeze.

Good Foods’ rebranded packaging is also an attention grabber. Switching from photographic designs to illustrated graphics, the update captures the fresh, natural focus of the products and has now been extended across the company’s other dip lines.

Each dip offers quality ingredients that will tantalize consumers’ taste buds, leaving them craving more. The new Spinach Artichoke Parmesan offering, for example, features Parmesan cheese sourced from third-generation Wisconsin cheesemakers and is proudly made in America’s Dairyland.

Cross-promoted with fresh produce, the Good Foods dairy dip line will have shoppers loading up their carts as they search for a nutritious and delicious product to add a flavorful twist to fresh snacks. 

Get your hands on the entire line and give your customers something to rave about.