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A Closer Look at Highline Mushrooms New Recycled rPET Packaging

At first glance, Highline Mushrooms’ newest offering is easily recognized by the high-quality mushrooms displayed prominently inside the package. But upon a closer look, shoppers lock in on the clear plastic tills and top film that truly create a differentiated offering in the mushroom set.

This, my friends, is the power of innovation.

Introducing its latest 100 percent recycled rPET packaging, Highline Mushrooms has doubled down on its sustainability commitments and positioned its products in a new way that automatically sets them apart from the rest.

Highline’s new packaging is just one example of how the supplier is working toward a circular economy. By reimagining the role plastic plays in fresh produce packaging, Highline is effectively meeting consumer demands while advancing its own company mission.

With the packaging rollout starting this summer, Highline now offers both conventional and organic products in 100 percent recyclable clear plastic tills. Plus, the PET top film displaying enchanting earth tones and ingredients will ensure that hungry hands grasp for the package each time they peruse the produce aisle.

By providing premium items in a sustainable package, you will be attracting one consumer after another to turn to fresh departments for their increasingly conscious shopping list. Highline Mushrooms is the partner to make that happen.The Snack Endstop