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A Closer Look at Mucci Farms Paper Top Seal Packaging

A writer once said, “Home and heaven are not so far separated as we sometimes think. Nay, they are not separated at all, for they are both in the same great building.” When I think of Mucci Farms, I recall these words. The greenhouse grower knows that there is no separation between the challenges our industry faces and the innovations necessary to deliver solutions.

For the buy-side, partnering with Mucci Farms in order to bring its newest Paper Top Seal packaging to retail shelves is a no-brainer. The “great building” of a stand-out retail program requires it.

Mucci Farms’ award-winning packaging elevates greenhouse-grown items to near irresistible heights. This innovative solution reduces the use of plastic on common footprint containers and effectively converts them into 100 percent, fully-recyclable containers.

How is this possible, you may ask? By simply replacing the plastic Top Seal film with a paper film, making both the PET tray and lid fully-recyclable. Not only does this stimulate growth for the buy-side, but it promotes Mucci Farms’ ongoing efforts to address global challenges.

Do shoppers need any more of a reason to pick up a Mucci Farms product? Nay, they do not.