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A Closer Look at Pure Flavor® Alonna Canary Melons

A grouping of words I never thought I would see together: greenhouse grown melons. The phrasing itself inspires the imagination and, personally, reinvigorates the possibilities of a traditional field category that has experienced the ups and downs of demand’s fair-weather fluctuations. Just leave it to an innovative and forward-thinking company like Pure Flavor®, and such challenges become the material of invention.

Enter Pure Flavor’s Alonna™ Canary Melons.

Touting a vibrant, yellow flesh and creamy, lunar-like interior, the Alonna was birthed into the category already equipped with stunning packaging. With an appearance that pulls at consumer curiosity, this melon variety, exclusive to Pure Flavor, should be merchandised front-and-center as a gateway produce item to not only steer traffic but create it.

Just imagine a slice of lunar heaven that can traverse multiple sections on a foodservice menu from breakfast and lunch to snacks, appetizers, and dinner. The versatility and differentiation of such an item can change the way we experience food through our eyes and our palates.

Alonna Canary Melons are personal in size and available in both bulk and multiple packaged formats for retail and foodservice operations. Weighing in at approximately 700–800 grams and showcasing a refreshing, crisp, and ambrosial experience, the Alonna variety is already becoming a showstopper across the Eastern United States and Canada.

Is that your produce display all aglow? Or plated dessert capturing the stars in consumers’ eyes? Why, yes, thanks to Pure Flavor’s Alonna Canary Melons.The Snack Endstop