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A Closer Look at PureFresh Simmis Fuyu Persimmons

When it comes to introducing new products to consumers, the packaging is key. Not only is catching shopper interest an important factor, but the messaging has to be front and center to push those incremental impulse buys.

PureFresh has nailed this concept down with its award-winning design for Simmis, a ready-to-eat Fuyu persimmon brand.

With a Silver Addy Award under its belt, Simmis have already enjoyed double-digit sales growth. And, with its season lasting from October to December, now is the perfect time to strategize opportunities and maximize visual presence.

The persimmon is a quintessential fall fruit, yet there are many consumers who have never tried this delectable treat. In our industry, things change pretty often, so take this opportunity to think ahead of the curve with a well laid-out strategy!

To better engage your shoppers, PureFresh and its marketing partner JP Marketing created a captivating brand to capture interest with fun, unique packaging during the company’s short domestic persimmon season alongside exclusive social media merchandising.

Using contrasting tones of purple, red, and orange, PureFresh exemplifies the simplicity of persimmons while purveying the company’s story across bags, bins, boxes, and toppers. The bag is eye-catching and appealing to consumers looking for packaged produce, as it comes with a handle that shoppers can grab and add to carts without any safety concerns.

Lift autumn sales and cash in with this ready-to-eat, seasonal favorite, and shoppers are sure to run back for more.The Snack Endstop