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A Closer Look at Superior Fresh Packaging Refresh

Less truly is more, especially when it comes to one of the latest packaging innovations to hit the salad case. 

While it is important to communicate to consumers the impact a purchase can have, this can be a difficult picture to paint in the few seconds taken to choose a product. In clarifying the savings of its newly launched, more sustainable line of salad mix clamshells, Superior Fresh is sticking to an easy number: two.

Two repurposed water bottles have given vibrant life to a clamshell that stands at 40 percent less plastic from its typical counterparts. Meanwhile, spenders get more from their purchase in the form of modified atmosphere packaging, which allows the leafy greens to breathe, ultimately extending product shelf-life.

The new packaging applies to all eight eye-catching baby leaf varieties including the Organic Citrus Splash, with Superior Fresh also offering one-head lettuce in a traditional clamshell as well: Organic Living Butter Lettuce. A salad can truly go with anything, not just on the plate, but in the pack, whether it be cool turquoise, royal purple, hot pink, or any of the other shades specifically chosen to turn heads in the grocery aisle.

They might come for the color, but consumers will stay for the clearly marked catches on each clamshell, which communicate that it is resealable, family-farmed, organic, non-GMO, and securely grown, with the location pictured via a star placed on the U.S. map. All while still providing a window to the product itself, and less plastic than the line has ever been made with before.

Did you ever think you could get so much more out of 40 percent less? Neither did I.The Snack Endstop