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A Closer Look at The Little Potato Company’s Packaging Rebrand

I still remember the first time I laid eyes on The Little Potato Company’s new branding and packaging. Both modern and colorful, the features of the bag have a unique pull on consumers—and I am confident no potato lover could walk past this inviting little offering.

Creatively designed to inspire shoppers to celebrate the little moments with their loved ones, this strategic launch embraces convenience and connection by offering a quick and healthy meal solution that allows consumers to minimize prep and maximize time at the dinner table with family and friends.

How does The Little Potato Company achieve this, you ask? With the power of Little Potatoes! A cute and carefree tater graces this bag of Little Yellows™, providing heartfelt inspiration to “Enjoy the little things.” Even the busiest of shoppers will be drawn in by these friendly faces paired with playful color palettes and a window view of the high-quality potatoes found inside.

Such lovable features are also driving traffic to the rest of the supplier’s bagged potato lineup, as well as its microwave- and roast or grill-ready kits, which are accompanied by a flavorful seasoning pack.

This brilliant rebrand is maximizing the category’s potential with a playfully positive strategy. After all, what’s more approachable than an adorable Little Potato?The Snack Endstop