Peruvian Onions

My Favorite Things

Christina Ward, Director of Global Brand Marketing, Sunkist Growers

The marketing maven has been conducting an out-of-this-world campaign to get as many consumers clamoring for citrus as possible. But what are a few of her favorite things when she has time to take a beat? We find out here…

  • Concerts
  • Flying
  • My Family
  • Space
  • Place of Zen
  • Shabu Shabu
  • Puggles
  • Spicy Grapefruit Guacamole
  • I Love Lucy

"I love live music. My latest show was The Rolling Stones in Santa Clara, but I’ve been to over 200 shows last time I checked."
"It’s my dream to get my private pilot’s license (one fine day). I have eight flight hours in the books…still a ways to go."
"My husband and my son have my heart. Being a new mom, it’s a new world for me."
"I geek out over all things space and what’s going on with space tourism."
"Growing up in Southern California, the Pacific Ocean is one of my tops. But so is our hideaway cabin in Southern Colorado."
"Shabu Shabu is a Japanese delicacy, and my mouth waters every time I think of that dish."
"We found our Puggle at the Humane Society, and she is the sweetest thing. I’m obsessed."
"I make the Sunkist Spicy Grapefruit Guacamole on the regular. This is not a shameless plug—it’s a real addiction."
"I love comedy, in general, and get a kick out of ‘I Love Lucy.’ I’ve seen every episode at least twice."