Peruvian Onions

My Favorite Things

While some of us may opt for a local Starbucks or Pete's Coffee in the early morning here on the West Coast, this Addison, Michigan-native turns to her Bialetti espresso maker and picking cherries at sunrise. With Washington treefruit and marketing innovation top-of-mind, we just had to know, what are some of her favorite things?

  • Bialetti Espresso Maker
  • Fall
  • Grilled Cheese & Apple Sandwiches
  • My Niece
  • The Wenatchee River
  • Hiking
  • My Journal
  • Wineries
  • Cherry Picking

"I always start my day with arguably the best coffee in the world from my Bialetti espresso maker."
"Fall is my favorite time of year. You cannot beat a Pacific Northwest fall."
"I am an absolute sucker for grilled cheese and apple sandwiches."
"I absolutely love being an aunt, and spoiling my niece will never get old!"
"I love spending my Saturday afternoons rafting the Wenatchee River."
"I love hiking the hills when the cherries, pears, and apples are in blossom."
"Each morning, I sit down with my journal. This is my place to dream and to set goals."
"We have so many great wineries in our valley. Give me a glass of Cab and I'm happy!"
"Nothing beats picking and eating cherries at sunrise."