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My Favorite Things

Monique Bienvenue, Director of Communications, Bee Sweet Citrus

This produce professional is quite literally a trailblazer, helping Bee Sweet Citrus’ marketing team reach new destinations when she isn’t running new roads herself. So, what are a few of Monique Bienvenue’s favorite things when she isn’t finding new directions of communication? We find out here...

  • A Good Run
  • A Good Cup of Coffee
  • Cooking
  • The Mountains
  • Indie Music
  • rabbit Running Apparel
  • Outdoor Photography
  • Writing
  • The Coconino Cowboys

"Nothing quite compares to the feeling of putting in a few solid miles before the start of the work day!"
"Essential to my daily life. I am always looking for the best coffee shops wherever I travel."
"In this industry, you often find yourself inspired by all that surrounds you. I love unique dishes that showcase California produce."
"You can find me exploring Yosemite or the Giant Sequoias every few weeks!"
"Play The Lumineers, Band of Horses, Local Natives, or Andrew Belle and I’m in heaven."
"The only apparel I train in! It’s perfect for everyday runners or the Olympic Trials hopeful."
"Ansel Adams captured photos that truly ignite one’s inner adventurer—I aspire to do the same!"
"Noting my adventures in the great outdoors or updating others on marathon training, I love putting my pen to paper."
"My favorite trail-running team. These athletes train in the Grand Canyon and dominate the ultra-running scene."