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My Favorite Things

Samantha Cabaluna, VP Brand Marketing & Communications, Tanimura & Antle

Following nearly 14 years at Earthbound Farm, Samantha joined T&A last year to help lead the evolution of the company’s marketing and communications program. Working closely with Rick Antle, CEO and President, and Jeff Jackson, Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing, she is part of the trifecta driving growth across T&A. In addition to nurturing innovation and bringing more delicious, premium fresh produce to retailers across the country, we just had to know, what are a few of her OTHER favorite things?

  • Live Music
  • Day of the Dead Elvis
  • The San Francisco Giants
  • Hiking
  • Vinyl Records
  • Crossfit
  • Whales
  • My Rickenbacker Guitar
  • Rockmount Western Shirts

"Especially rockabilly and roots rock."
"Made for us by an artist friend."
"I’ve been following them since I was a little girl, listening to the games with my dad and grandma. Baseball follows the rhythms of life: opens in spring–a time of renewal; ends in late autumn, and is dormant in winter."
"Hiking takes you into the belly of nature, where I feel renewed, even when arduous."
"To quote the New Yorker cartoon, “The two things that drew me to vinyl were the expense and inconvenience.”"
"I’m not too culty about it, but I do enjoy lifting heavy stuff and getting some pull-ups in with a great community of people."
"I’m lucky to live in Seaside, California, where I get to see them frequently. They are magnificent creatures."
"My Liverpool 350 sounds so jangly-gorgeous. It never goes out of tune, not even when I overuse the whammy bar."
"Beautiful workmanship—the original pearl snap Western shirt."