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A Closer Look at Honeybear Brands Fuji Apple Cubbies

Whoever started the phrase “like a kid in a candy store” has never seen me open up a case of Honeybear Brands’ Cubbies pouch bags. Marketed toward parents looking to please their small but savvy snackers, these vibrant offerings were such a hit that the company decided to widen its approach with additional varieties. Personally, I’m a sucker for the Fuji Apple Cubbies. One look at that dreamy blue backdrop and I was sold. Not to mention that the goodies inside are even more tempting!

In addition to Fuji, Honeybear offers up four other categories in the Cubbies packs, each represented by their own crisp color: red for Gala, green for Granny Smith, pink for Pink Lady, and yellow for Honeycrisp. The Cubbies first rolled out in 2 lb packs of Honeycrisp apples. Due to their success, Honeybear created new offerings of all other varieties in 3 lb Cubbies.

Along with the release of its Cubbies, the company also launched new packaging for its organic offerings that follow this color scheme. Finished off with the brand’s iconic brown bear chomping down on a bright red apple, all of the new packaging options are sure to lure in shoppers with their aesthetic alone. However, once a consumer takes their first bite of the Honeybear Brand apples nestled inside, there’s no doubt that they will be back for more.