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A Closer Look at Lipman Family Farms® Crimson Grape Tomatoes

Sometimes, in the produce industry, the smaller the bite the bigger the flavor! And for Lipman Family Farms, the company’s new Crimson grape tomato is exactly that. The exciting grape slicing tomato variety has a similarly intense, juicy, homegrown taste to Lipman’s Crimson round proprietary tomato, but with a smaller stature for that snacking tomato category.

Available from April through December, the Crimson grape tomato pops on the shelf inside its popular re-sealable, top-seal containers which allow for full transparency and expediency. I would consider this presentation, packaging with elegance—letting the tomato speak for itself.

With a vibrant red from the skin to the center, Crimson grape tomatoes are sweeter than most grape tomato varieties and born of an heirloom-grape crossbreeding that gives the tomato its rich flavor profile, unique dimples, and non-uniform, authentic tomato shape. The imperfect dimpling around this new variety gives home chefs the look and feel of cooking with an heirloom variety while delivering the texture and flavor profile of a premium tomato cultivar.

The fresh produce department has become a showcase of flavor and presentation that mirrors the intersection where art meets science. Finding that focal point of fresh is the goal of many produce companies, and I believe Lipman Family Farms has charted its journey toward the top well, and with flavor to guide the way.