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A Closer Look at SUNSET® Sprinkles, Tiny Mighty Tomatoes

It is hard to walk through any produce department worth its weight in innovation and not find a destination overflowing with the industry’s most desired tomatoes. One company that’s always on the cutting-edge of variety development is SUNSET®. With a distinct flair for bringing the unique to fresh produce, the company has introduced Sprinkles™, Tiny Mighty Tomatoes™. Small but mighty, these unique micro-grape tomatoes explode with a sweet flavor and stand out on the shelf with packaging that screams to be sold.

Sprinkles, Tiny Mighty Tomatoes provide a convenient and healthy snack that will delight tomato-lovers of all ages. This mini-bite variety is perfect on salads, in kids’ lunches, or as a snack on-the-go. While the packaging will pop at a retail tomato destination, Sprinkles, Tiny Mighty Tomatoes also creates opportunities for cross-merchandising displays, from salads to fall lunchbox spreads.

In addition to its small but mighty power, the packaging size is convenient and features a Top Seal tab that makes it easy for little hands to open, encouraging new usage occasions in the growing snacking segment. Everyone is looking for the one-two punch, combining premium produce with clever and unique convenience. All for yum, and yum for all.