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A Closer Look at Trucco Organic KiwiStar® Packaging

Packaging is a hot-button topic that I love to press in the materials debate. What packages our fresh produce, for many, is just as important as what it contains, ensuring a sustainable planet and a spot on shopping lists.

As more companies step into the arena to pave the way for a greener supply chain, the battle for the consumer’s eyes brings forward-thinking companies front and center, wielding ingenuity and innovation as finely-honed swords. One such company looking to dominate the produce aisle with sustainable packaging is Trucco. 

This past May, Trucco unveiled a standout contender for the eco-friendly ring in the form of its KiwiStar® packaging.

With an earthy brown to ground consumers’ eyes, the fuzzy berry will now don a soft orchid hue for a tantalizing play of colors. In the middle of the cutout, the handle also doubles as another aesthetic look at the bright green interior of the kiwifruit’s flesh. The ring of seeds serves as a bullseye, drawing the attention of the curious.

For today’s conscientious shoppers, Trucco’s new kiwifruit packaging embodies health for the body and the planet. The produce cultivator has outfitted its KiwiStar pack with 100 percent plastic-free, recyclable paperboard—a knockout combo!

Housed in a simple tray and sleeve, the no-fuss packaging conveys the ease of enjoying the delectable fruit, in both organic and conventional options to bridge a wider audience of kiwifruit lovers. To help with that bridge, Trucco’s site,, offers a host of resources retailers can utilize in-store to take advantage of this popular category.

Easy to eat, easy on the eyes, and easy on the environment, Trucco’s new eco-friendly innovation is a triple threat all in one convenient package. What more could you want?