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Up Close with Lone Star Citrus Winter Sweetz

Year-round citrus is both a boon to produce department sales and a great way to brighten and energize the retail spread. With the holidays upon us and the New Year right around the corner, Lone Star Citrus is bringing a splash of color and a burst of flavor to fresh produce with its Winter Sweetz™ Texas red grapefruit. This year, Winter Sweetz is being featured in the company’s popular 5 lb bag and the new Holiday Gift Box showcased in a half-carton packing style.

So, what is it about Winter Sweetz that has retailers buzzing? If you ask the team at Lone Star Citrus, they will tell you that the Rio Grande Valley’s temperate climate and rich soil create a uniquely sweet flavor that consumers love in the winter months and can enjoy into the spring.

Now entering its third season of Winter Sweetz, this brand was developed over several months of consumer research and designed to reinvent the way consumers think about grapefruit. In order to further educate both the produce department and the consumer, Lone Star Citrus has developed recipes and how-to videos to show just how easy “segmenting” the grapefruit can be—taking the hassle out of the prepping guesswork that can deter that curious, first-time shopper.

With a high-graphic Winter Sweetz design, this concept and aesthetic was created to catch the consumer on-the-go, promote impulse purchases, and provide an eye-catching option for gifts, get-togethers, and holiday functions.

Lone Star Citrus ships its house brand from October through April, and ships Winter Sweetz during peak sweetness from November to early-March. With an exciting year ahead, Lone Star Citrus is helping retailers take advantage of every delicious minute of the season.