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House for Sale

House for Sale

This is an all-original example of a 20-year old house. You will be required to either perform regular maintenance or pay someone else to do it, to keep your home in presentable condition. Of course, if you want to keep up with the neighborhood, you should be prepared to invest more time and money to bring it up to the standards of this progressive community.


  • Be a great neighbor, including driving through the neighborhood at 25 mph or less
  • Pay your mortgage each month
  • Pay the HOA each month
  • Pay utilities on time each month
  • Pay property taxes twice per year
  • Mow the lawns each week
  • Keep the windows clean
  • Be friendly to your neighbors, including smiling and waving as they drive by
  • Keep your garage clean
  • Don’t park your cars in the street at night
  • Keep the house neat and clean by investing your time and money
  • Repaint the outside when needed
  • Keep the gutters clean to aid in water flow
  • Actively replace plants and landscaping as needed
  • Report suspicious activity to the police
  • When walking your dog in the neighborhood, clean up their poop
  • Moving in will require packing, unpacking, and putting things away
  • Once settled, your spouse will expect you to share the chores
  • The HOA will provide you with a booklet of CC&Rs, policies, and procedures
  • There are six trees on the property; be prepared to trim them and rake the leaves throughout the year
  • Change the AC filter each quarter
  • Clean the pool and/or hire a pool cleaner

Of course, you can always place the formal job description below the job ad. Alternatively, you can provide the candidate(s) with a job description when you follow up with them.

We call it Job Ad Optimization (JAO). Keep it simple and provide the following information:

  • Why Is This A Great Place To Work? People, place, culture, environment, leadership, a gym, BBQs on Fridays, and more. I know one employer who has a chef come in and prepare breakfast each morning. Share this stuff!
  • What’s In It For Me? (WIFM): This is what the candidates want to know. I’ve heard employees say they were attracted to a company because the leadership was known to listen to their people and use their ideas. Is that your company? You want to scream it from the rooftops!
  • Next Generation: The newer generations place a high value on the environment and culture. If you have that, then share it.

Of course, salary and benefits will always be in the top five. It is why many of us work, after all! Perhaps you want to let candidates know that you pay well and have a solid benefits program.

We all know what a job description looks like. So, what does a job ad look like?

Think Attract and Inspire versus Inform!

Think Like a Marketer and/or Have One Help You

When crafting your job ads, one of the most effective copywriting strategies is to mirror candidates’ desires and objectives in their next career venture. What do they want from their next employer? I bet you and your colleagues can make a great list of what you like and want from a job and employer.

Just like you wouldn’t want to scare away a potential new homeowner, you don’t want to scare good candidates away either. Appeal to the part of them that wants to see a lifestyle, not a list of responsibilities.The Snack Endstop


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