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The Gift of Vulnerability

The Gift of Vulnerability

If there is anything that we have been reminded of here in 2020, it is that we are all human beings. I hope this is not too inappropriate, but I can’t help but think about a book that we read to our daughter when she was just a little girl—Everyone Poops. Yeah, I know...but it’s true! Camels poop, dogs poop, cats poop, and people poop, too—so goes the children’s book. Doubt it? I’m assuming you didn’t have to hunt down toilet paper this past March. 

It’s a very basic message that is freeing in its own “level-playing-field” way.

This darn pandemic has reminded us all, on a global scale, that at the end of the day we’re all humans, sharing one planet. And we’re all vulnerable to even a tiny little germ that we cannot see.

As I write this story, I’m reminded that we have no certainties in our world, country, state, county, town, industry, or Joe Produce. The obvious occurred to me the other day—we have no guarantees. As the saying goes, “We’re only guaranteed death and taxes,” and now some of our businesses even get to hold off on some taxes! I hope to hold off death for another 50 years or so, too!

So, while I no longer believe in guarantees, here is what I do believe…

I believe we are blessed to be in this industry. We are growing, selling, shipping, and feeding people all over the world the healthiest stuff on Earth! We’ll get through this, and the fundamentals of our industry and businesses that existed in February will be here when this is over. Perhaps not instantaneously, but we will recover. 


This too shall pass. 

In the meantime, we’re working with job seekers who are looking for jobs and/or having their resumes written. We’re working with some employers who are forced to make excruciatingly tough decisions, such as laying people off or reducing hours. We’re also working with employers who are hiring and need people. It’s really all over the board. 

As I struggled to share another of our business’ lessons, I started thinking in the direction of life’s lessons being gifted to us all right now. Gifts, you ask? Yes! I’ve seen more people walking their dogs, washing their cars, playing with their kids, and holding the hands of their loved ones than I can ever remember at this scale. Perhaps learning that those little things that worried us in January are not important at all is a gift. Perhaps this being the first day of the rest of your career is a gift. Spending more time with our families is a gift. Having our health is a gift. And being reminded of what is most important is a gift. 


Being grateful for what we have is a gift.

Without a doubt, our greatest gift here at Joe Produce is our opportunity to help people. We work every day to find a path for those who seek it, and spread insight where it is needed. I am truly grateful for these gifts. In return, we hope to continue providing you the gift of our support. Pandemic or otherwise, we’ve got your back. So let’s hold tight to hope as we weather this storm together. 

The Gift of Vulnerability

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