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Celery SnackChat

Celery SnackChat

Crunchy, zingy, and tasty, celery holds its own as a produce heavyweight. With its nutritional benefits and juicy composition, this easy-to-use veg goes great in any stir-fry, blended juice, or snack platter. Consumers need little convincing that celery deserves a spot on the plate, but why not entice them anyway with fresh insights from these category experts?


Lara Grossman,

Director of Marketing, Ippolito International

“Of all the veggies, celery probably has the most legitimate claim to fame as the original ‘healthy’ snack. In the 1950s, the Ants On a Log recipe may have been the first kid-approved, mainstream nutritious snack. Peanut butter and raisins truly elevated the celery-eating experience, and America was never the same! Today, we find this item is still a produce mainstay. It has a consistent appearance, slices uniformly, and carries all types of savory proteins in its perfectly proportioned groove. It does not wilt, keeps its color, and resists mechanical damage, making it ideal to sit on a plate for an indefinite length. Celery juice is also extremely popular, and social media has seen this trend explode. ‘Celery crack’ is a compelling (and, yes, slightly addictive), easy celery recipe trend. Cream cheese, onion soup mix, and dill mixed together and then spread on the tops of freshly-cut celery sticks may seem like an appetizer after-thought, but watch those stalks fly off of the plate!”

Nichole Towell,

Senior Director of Marketing and Packaging Procurement, Duda Farm Fresh Foods

“We’ve seen an increase in popularity for celery from juicing trends that exploded a few years back, and while this still rings true today, there are other ways that the vegetable is being used among consumers. From dessert snacks to skincare (yes, you read that correctly), celery is becoming more recognized as a versatile product thanks to online marketing and social media efforts! Retailers are encouraged to capitalize on this with in-store displays and unique cross-promotions, like celery and sweet cream cheese or black bean dip, to give consumers more ideas on how to incorporate it into their lifestyle.”


John Chobanian,

Celery Commodity Manager, Ocean Mist® Farms

“At Ocean Mist® Farms, celery is grown on a year-round basis in Coachella, Oxnard, and the Salinas Valley in California. Our biggest tip for retailers is to refrigerate the product on display and to merchandise multiple celery SKUs near one another to offer shoppers options. Merchandising celery vertically with vegetables that provide color contrast is a great way to cross-promote, such as carrots and radishes for soup or stuffing during the holidays. Celery is a very versatile vegetable, as it can be eaten either cooked within a dish or snacked on raw. This product makes for a great item to include in lunches at school or the office, and it will be a big hit this season.”


Gabriela D’Arrigo,

Vice President of Marketing and Communications, D'Arrigo New York

“Celery is a great category to highlight and merchandise with this season. One of our customers in Chinatown here in New York, New York, gave us a really helpful tip when storing celery. After cutting the stalks, place them in a container or cup of water in the refrigerator to extend their shelf-life. Your shoppers will not only appreciate the tip, but they will look forward to coming back to a produce section they can trust.”

Stephanie Cantero,

Communications and Marketing Coordinator, The Nunes Company

“Celery is a versatile vegetable high in water content and dietary fiber while low in calories. With its mild flavor, this crisp and nutrient-packed vegetable can be added to just about any dish, making it a staple for countless recipes. As we head into fall and approach the holiday season, celery will be a key vegetable to merchandise, as recipes this time of year typically list celery as a key ingredient for soups, stews, and holiday dishes. The Nunes Company markets and sells both conventional and organic celery under the Foxy® and Foxy Organic® brands, so be sure to stock up to meet these seasonal demands!”


Russ Widerburg,

Sales Manager, Boskovich Farms

“Celery stick consumption is still in an upward trend. With more consumers being concerned and aware of what they are eating, celery remains a front-runner as a clean, healthy, ready-to-eat snack, topping, and even a quick juice to take on the go. Our hydrating celery juice is easy for your shoppers to make at home and to advertise on your produce floor; the recipe uses three packs of Boskovich Farms celery hearts, four green apples, one lemon, two English cucumbers, and two thumbs of ginger. Wash produce and prep as needed for the juicer. Juice ingredients one at a time and whisk once complete. If there is foam at the top of the juice, use a strainer to pour into a fresh pitcher or jar. Serve chilled or over ice for a refreshing, healthy celery juice.” 

Celery SnackChat