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Chef's Corner SnackChat

Chef's Corner SnackChat

In the fresh produce industry, we are constantly involved in the dance of give and take. Every link in the supply chain serves its purpose, and we’d like to take a moment to shine the spotlight on the dazzling chefs bringing produce to the plate. New applications of fresh are making their way to foodservice kitchens, and that is not without the help of some of the most prominent suppliers in the industry. So, without further ado, I give you the Chef’s Corner SnackChat

California Giant Berry Farms

Chef Derek Seigfried,

Culinary Specialist, Gordon Food Service

“I recently took home the title of California Giant’s Top Chef with my dish, Blackberry Lamb Kofta. I first folded some chopped blackberries into a spiced, ground lamb mixture, adding a nice textural component, and sweet, acidic pop to this Mediterranean-inspired dish. Fresh raspberries in the Muhammara added elegance and complexity, and couscous cooked with blueberries added subtle aroma, flavor, and color. Finally, the topping of marinated strawberries added sweetness and really rounded out the plate. Adding berries to a traditionally savory dish is a fun and easy way to make it pop—and I find that fresh berries lend themselves to a variety of applications—far beyond the traditional uses.”

Kyla Oberman,

Director of Marketing, California Giant Berry Farms

“As home chefs, we naturally gravitate to fresh berries for their irresistible sweet flavor, bright colors, and ease as a snack or topping to oatmeal and ice cream. But looking at fresh berries through the eyes of a chef is where the magic happens! At our recent 4th Annual California Giant Chef Invitational, we saw fresh strawberries turn into spicy pepperoni slices, a drunken blackberry vinaigrette, and blueberries dehydrated and combined with spices to make a rub. The creativity that chefs demonstrate, especially around fruits and vegetables, is inspiring. We enjoy sharing these creative ideas with home chefs in hopes to inspire them to try something new with their fresh berries. Our close partnerships with chefs and our foodservice partners provide wonderful opportunities, such as the Chef Invitational, to demonstrate the versatility of fresh berries as an ingredient, while increasing usage and consumption of fresh berries—and not to mention more delicious meals!”

Pure Flavor®

Chef Duane Ward

“I love the Cloud 9® Tomatoes in our Sweet Shakshuka recipe because of the freshness and flavor. They have a slightly smoky flavor that lends itself extremely well to these ingredients and cooking techniques using the cast iron. Working with Pure Flavor® products gives me peace of mind, knowing that I am not only creating something that is flavorful, but something that is of high quality and will deliver health benefits to consumers. Greenhouse grown produce also offers the benefit of year-round availability, so this fresh-forward dish is always in season.”

Chris Veillon,

Chief Marketing Officer, Pure Flavor®

“Working with great products makes a chef’s work that much more enjoyable! Our Cloud 9® Bite-Sized Fruity Tomatoes were launched with much fanfare and with two international awards for quality and flavor. So, when we created our ‘10 Chefs. 10 Recipes.’ program, we were ecstatic that Chef Duane wanted to take part. The versatility of the product and its exceptional flavor have helped our chef partners and content creators bring more than 90 recipes to life in the last year. Being greenhouse grown and available year-round, our retail and foodservice partners enjoy a consistent supply to keep their customers coming back for more!”

Calavo Growers

Chef Bruno Caccia

“Memories are made around the table, and every meal tells its own unique story. As a chef at Calavo, I strive to cultivate connection between the food we grow and create while inspiring consumers to eat adventurously and healthfully. Our team closely monitors culinary trends to seek out and incorporate new flavors into simple-to-prepare dishes that invigorate the at-home chef and nourish friends and family who gather at their table.”

Helen Kurtz,

Senior Vice President/General Manager, Calavo Prepared

“At Calavo, we are proud to excite consumers and increase produce consumption through fresh, convenient, and healthy meal solutions. Our team of culinary-trained product development chefs help to realize our vision with thoughtful innovation and high quality standards, while creating products that are easily prepared and served at home. With consumers increasingly focused on new eating experiences and infusing worldly flavors, utilizing a talented team of chefs allows Calavo to highlight the diversity and depth of our products.” 

Chef's Corner SnackChat