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Citrus Snackchat

Citrus Snackchat

The exhilarating chills transmitted throughout the body when citrus oil is expressed is a sensation many shoppers look forward to. Invigorating, distinct, healthy. These qualifiers are only a few of the reasons consumers need to head to the citrus section of the produce aisle—with the major draw being flavor. It’s not difficult to see why the category witnesses excellent traction throughout the year, but there’s a sweet appeal when we’re in fall, and these industry experts agree…

Carrie Briones,

Head of Sales and Grower Relations, LIV Organic™ Produce

“As fall approaches, we here at LIV Organic™ Produce couldn’t be more excited. The season comes with so many great and abundant organic citrus varieties, and I look forward to it every year. Organic Meyer lemons and organic Navel oranges are just a couple of varieties that your shoppers can use to make recipes and cocktails more interesting throughout the holiday period.”

Christina Ward,

Senior Director of Global Marketing, Sunkist Growers

“There are so many cool things about citrus, including its flavors, health benefits, and incredible versatility. Omnichannel campaigns are the best way to create a seamless shopping experience for your customers. As shoppers look for recipe inspiration and product information, retailers can tap into content developed by health experts and influencers. For in-store, display bins and point-of-purchase (POP) are the way to go to drive citrus awareness.”

Monique Bienvenue,

Director of Communications and Compliance, Bee Sweet Citrus

“One of the most effective ways for retailers and foodservice operators to generate excitement for California’s diverse citrus line is to showcase its unique characteristics. While many chefs and consumers are familiar with oranges, Mandarins, and lemons, showcasing the unique flavor profiles of specialty citrus varieties is key to capitalizing on the diversity of the season.

While sampling fruit is an easy way to introduce people to new varieties, retailers and foodservice operators can utilize Bee Sweet’s newly designed point-of-sale (POS) material to visually educate others about citrus, or they can tap into social media’s video capabilities to showcase recipes that pair well with California’s seasonal citrus varieties.”

Craig Morris,

Category Director, Homegrown Organic Farms®

“Citrus remains a household staple for the versatility, nutrition, and convenience it brings to the kitchen. For over 25 years, Homegrown Organic Farms has provided one of the largest organic citrus programs in the country. We grow over a dozen citrus varieties to satisfy diverse consumer palates. We have the perfectly balanced Cara Cara orange, the sweet-zing flavor of a Minneola, and the snack-ready Mandarin, among others. Bright and bold citrus colors bring life to in-store displays and merchandise well alongside other commodities and goods. Citrus fruits are coveted immune boosters during flu season. An orange a day keeps the doctor away; at least, that’s our version of the saying!”

Gray Vinson,

Commodity Manager, Greenyard USA/Seald Sweet

“The citrus category is a classic item on consumers’ tables, and it became even more popular as the pandemic highlighted the importance of consuming food items for a healthy lifestyle. This category has always been associated with strengthening the immune system and as a source of vitamin C. Also, while consumers are cooking more at home, citrus turned into a must-have in every kitchen because of the diversity of flavors it provides that suit infinite recipes: sour, sweet, and slightly bitter, which is used on a wide variety of plates. Therefore, promoting citrus as essential and healthy is key.

The pandemic also increased the use of e-commerce exponentially, so merchandising became creative. Retailers can promote on online platforms through product boost, using prime locations on online catalogs, or featuring weekly recipes in order to get in front of online buyers, ensuring good exposure of this versatile commodity.”

Kim Jones,

President, Cold Hardy Citrus Association

“Seedless, flavorful, and easy-to-peel varieties are driving citrus purchases beyond traditional easy, healthy snacking. This is being led by Satsuma Mandarins from the Sweet Valley Citrus region of North Florida, South Georgia, and South Alabama, where unique growing conditions produce a highly aromatic fruit with exquisite flavor due to an ideal Brix/acid ratio.

Creative home and professional chefs are using Sweet Valley-grown Satsumas for exotic cocktails, salads, smoothies, side dishes, and desserts. Satsumas are also a perfect flavor enhancer for meat, chicken, and seafood dishes, and they provide that tropical flair for Asian and Caribbean cuisine.”

Nichole Towell,

Senior Director of Marketing and Packaging Procurement, Duda Farm Fresh Foods

“During the winter months, citrus has been known as a natural remedy for the common cold or flu with its high vitamin C qualities! In addition to their health benefits, citrus fruits transition well into fall and winter menus as they can enhance any meal with bright and bold flavors. This is a great way to encourage shoppers to incorporate more vitamin C in their winter diet while also enjoying some unique dishes, such as Cranberry Clementine Dressing, Lemon Glazed Pound Cake, and many more!”

James Rasmussen,

Sales and Category Manager, LGS Specialty Sales

“As we enter winter, shoppers will be looking for citrus due to its great source of natural vitamin C. While most consumers are just looking for a quick and easy-to-peel snack, there are a number of ways to inspire shoppers to think outside of the box with citrus this season! Retailers can increase basket rings by sparking their shoppers’ creativity with recipe cards utilizing citrus throughout the produce section. Recipes such as soups and warm, comforting dishes that complement the season perform well during this time period. We also recommend using citrus as a basket builder by creating displays that associate this immune-boosting fruit with different ingredients throughout the store.”

Garrett Steele,

Citrus Category Manager, Bravante Produce

“We all remember eating orange slices during cold mornings on the soccer field as a kid. Citrus is synonymous with the holiday season, with multiple varieties and uses. Bravante Produce will kick off the season with increased volumes of Navel oranges, Cara Caras, and lemons. Be on the lookout for new offerings, including our ‘Grove Select’ Heirloom Navel oranges, which are hand-selected with the highest quality and flavor.” 

Citrus Snackchat