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Easter Snackchat

Easter Snackchat

The most colorful holiday of the year is inarguably incomplete without the fresh and vibrant varieties that decorate the produce department. As shoppers start off on the search for pastel-hued Easter eggs, hop on new opportunities for seasonal sales with these beloved offerings. Hear from several category connoisseurs themselves as they reveal how to bring the thrill of the Easter egg hunt to the aisles this spring…

Dave Hewitt,

Vice President of Sales, 4Earth Farms

“It wouldn’t be Easter without a family meal featuring side dishes of green beans and Brussels sprouts. We encourage retailers to build large, eye-catching displays of organic and conventional green beans and Brussels sprouts to provide their customers with value and convenience. 4Earth Farms offers washed and trimmed green beans in a microwaveable bag or random weight beans in a grab-and-go tote, as well as Brussels sprouts in an earth-friendly mesh bag or whole, halved, or shredded in a microwaveable bag. We will have excellent quality and supply to match the expected high demand over the holiday window.”

Prescott Leyba,

Sales Account Manager, Bako Sweet®

“Who doesn’t look forward to a healthy but tasty (emphasis on the latter) meal after a day filled with egg hunts and way too much candy? Sweet potatoes are a long-tenured fixture at the Easter dinner table, and our wide assortment of high-quality and convenient, value-added sweet potatoes gives shoppers the flexibility they need when planning out their menus. In what is sure to be a busy shopping season, secondary displays like our high-graphic Bako Sweet® display bin, and cross-promotions—like cinnamon and marshmallows near the sweet potatoes, for example—will make the experience as easy as possible for the shopper.”

Anthony Innocenti,

Managing Partner, LIV Organic Produce

“Easter is always a great time at LIV Organic. With the spring months comes the peak season to promote our core items, which consist of organic sweet potatoes, organic colored potatoes, and organic citrus. Make the most of our varieties by expanding those displays and placing all of these items front and center.”

William Goldfield,

Director of Corporate Communications, Dole Food Company

“Spring is a great time to promote pineapple. Shoppers are looking to move away from the cold months with a feeling to switch their eating to something that conveys the change to warmer weather and new freshness. Tropicals, like pineapple, fit that need. On top of that, pineapples are an excellent source of vitamin C. Communicating the nutritional benefits of pineapple as a source for boosting vitamin C levels to help immunity is a great marketing message for retailers as people gather for Easter.”

Andrew Amodeo,

Sales, Catania Worldwide

“This Easter holiday, we should all take a moment to appreciate all that we have. Working in the produce industry has been a challenging road to steer in the past few years. We would like to thank every sector of the supply chain that keeps food on our tables. Here at Catania, we love to promote our fresh figs during the Easter holiday. They are a great addition to salads, enjoyed with crackers and cheese, dipped in chocolate (perfect for Easter!), or simply eaten whole. Our Black Mission variety from Mexico is available this Easter season across North America!”

Mike Stephan,

Sales Director, Monterey Mushrooms

“Mushrooms are so versatile and make an ordinary dish extraordinary! When planning for Easter, don’t forget mushrooms are perfect for brunch. Whole Baby Bella mushrooms are a culinary delight when added to hash browns, omelets, quiches, and breakfast potatoes. Retailers that merchandise and display our 16 oz or 24 oz of Whites and Baby Bellas will capitalize on an impulse purchase and expandable consumption. Whenever family or friends gather for a holiday meal, mushrooms make the perfect partner.”

John Alderman,

Eastern Sales Manager, Duda Farm Fresh Foods

“This year, the Easter holiday falls in mid-April, making it the perfect time to get outside and fire up the grill for some corn on the cob! Though traditionally considered a summer dish, corn is extremely versatile for the Easter holiday and can be used in recipes like corn casserole, creamed corn au gratin—if you’re trying to be fancy—and more. Retailers can entice shoppers with in-store merchandising that calls out different recipes where corn can add some sweetness, like salads and salsa. Even better, Dandy®’s tray pack sweet corn is pre-shucked, pre-washed, and ready to cook for an added convenience. There are so many ways shoppers can utilize corn this Easter holiday!”

Danielle Loustalot,

Marketing Manager, Jacobs Farm del Cabo

“Organic Cherry tomatoes and fresh, snappy green peas are springtime staples for Easter appetizer trays and garden salads. Fresh herbs like chives, sage, and cilantro complement potato salads and every roasted vegetable dish around. From Palm Sunday through Easter Sunday, families in Latin America celebrate Holy Week, where tomatoes and fresh parsley complete traditional recipes like classic Spanish Easter stew, picadillo, and more. In the spirit of Earth Day just a few days later on April 22, make sure to carry your favorite organic products and eco-friendly packs from local and sustainable growers!”

Carey Jimenez,

Sales Manager, Atlas Produce

“During Passover, Easter, and Ramadan, demand for Fresh Energy™ dates will be at a yearly high, as dates play a vital cultural role during these holidays. Atlas Produce encourages retailers to have multiple displays throughout the store to help shoppers find dates fast. Cross-merchandising secondary displays in baking, wine, and cheese aisles will add complementary sales as you maximize visibility with our date line. Dates always bring something special to the table for your customers’ celebrations as a healthy snack, hors d’oeuvres, or an addition to any menu.” 

Easter Snackchat