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July MVP Highlights: Quinton Woods

July MVP Highlights: Quinton Woods

Quinton Woods has done more in his 10-plus-year tenure with Gwillimdale Farms than what some people do in an entire career. Since joining the company in 2011 as a co-op student, he developed Gwillimdale’s CanadaGAP® program within eight months of starting; traversed plant supervision responsibilities, a full course load in school, and the sales department; developed procurement programs and grower partnerships with farmers in Georgia, New Mexico, and California; and settled into his current role as Senior Sales and Plant Operations Manager. And, yes, that was one long sentence. But well worth the write. Find out more about this MVP in Quinton’s own words.

Quinton Woods

Senior Sales and Plant Operations Manager, Gwillimdale Farms

Time at Gwillimdale Farms: 11 Years

What Your Role Is Really Like

“Honestly, it’s tough to describe my current role as is. Not only am I in charge of sales, but also packing plant operations, procurement, and logistics. As for sales, the effort to attract new customers takes a tremendous amount of time, but the reward is massive. Sales Manager is a role that is heavily involved in day-to-day sales, while also managing the department/team.”

How Sales Becomes A Life Lesson

“Sales really has changed my life. Everything I do and look at turns into a negotiation. When I’m purchasing, I look for the qualities in the service/product that we here at Gwillimdale represent: quality, service, and passion.”

A Mentor Mentored: Those Who Have Shaped Quinton

Jeff Hughes,

Gambles Produce

Michael Valpredo,

Country Sweet Produce and Bako Sweet®

Surprise Us

“When I started in the industry 11 years ago, I didn’t have time for hobbies, it was literally: eat, sleep, and work. A lot of hours and effort have brought me to a point in time now where I can start focusing on my personal life a little more. My two children are my world, but for something I enjoy for myself, it is car racing. I started watching Formula 1 five years ago, and I get more interested in it as time goes on. It’s a sport that also keeps my fire burning and teaches me things like overcoming adversity and to keep pursuing your goals.”

Words of Wisdom for the Next Generation

“GET INVOLVED! Honestly, the cheapest networking is at associations like the International Fresh Produce Association, Canadian Produce Marketing Association, and others like them. A lot of high-level retail associates are involved, and you have easy access to them there.”