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Halloween SnackChat

Halloween SnackChat

Double, double toil and trouble. Fire burn and oven broil.

This season’s merchandising opportunities are ripe for the taking, and fruits and veggies are an easy way to make the holiday come to life. Our industry has many an expert to weave a web of promotions, so I would like, if I may, to take you on a fresh produce journey…

Raina Nelson,

President and Chief Executive Officer, Westfalia Fruit USA

“At Westfalia Fruit USA, we grow, source, ripen, pack, process, and market quality avocados year-round—sustainably. October is the perfect time for retailers to make shopping easy and fun while driving basket size by merchandising avocados around fall gatherings! Whether it’s for Halloween or tailgating get-togethers, avocados make every occasion more fun—and delicious! We recommend merchandising your avocados in-store with guacamole ingredients, local beers, and other seasonal items near the front of the department. Don’t forget to keep avocados merchandised by ripeness level, as it will make it easier for your shoppers to find the ideal ripeness they are looking for.”


Megan Gorgisheli,

Director of Marketing Administration, Giumarra Companies

“October is not just spooky season, it’s also Fair Trade Month! Our Fair Trade Certified® watermelons from Mexico are at peak of season right now, and it’s the perfect time to encourage a fun twist on Halloween festivities. Why not try a carved jack-o’-melon? Giving consumers ideas to incorporate produce into their lives in a variety of ways will help boost consumption. Plus, every sale of our Fair Trade Certified produce generates premiums that go directly to farmworker communities in Mexico, making fair trade a perfect tie-in for any retailer’s social responsibility messaging.”

Krista Beckstead,

Marketing and Brand Specialist, Starr Ranch® Growers

“Halloween always means we are deep into our harvest season, which is the most exciting time of the year for us. Our apples are just freshly picked at the peak of quality and shipped to retailers. Halloween also means we get to enjoy our favorite seasonal apple recipes, like caramel apple pops, which make enjoying a traditional caramel apple easy and fun to share. Another dish your shoppers will love to make is our ‘spooky charcuterie,’ our favorite for fall Halloween entertaining!”


Melanie Marcus,

MA, RD, Nutrition and Health Communications Manager, Dole Food Company

“We love Halloween at Dole! As a mom of two young children, I see the importance of continuing holiday traditions—with some healthy twists. Halloween only comes once a year, so it’s okay to indulge every once in a while. If we include fruits and vegetables in everyday meals and snacks, having them on special occasions becomes part of an expected healthy routine. This year, we created several produce-based Halloween dishes, like our Spooky Halloween Fruit Platter, that families can create together that clearly don’t sacrifice fun.

And since Halloween is also an adult holiday, we have other easy creations that will be the star of any grown-up party, such as our new Dole Pumpkin Spice Whip using fresh DOLE® Pineapples and Sweet Potatoes. It’s so easy, I may just whip it up for our Halloween party!”

Lindsey Dalesky,

Sales and Marketing Representative, Bay Baby Produce

“You Don’t Know Squash?! Bay Baby Produce grows, packs, and distributes organic winter squash because we believe ‘Squash is Savvy!’ Winter squash is a great value to your customers’ health and pocketbook. Boasting a long shelf-life, our Savvy Squash is great for single households or large families. From Delicata to Butternut to Carnival Acorn, your shoppers can use winter squash in plant-based entrées, create snacks ranging from baked chips to dips, or replace traditional starches in endless applications. This healthy alternative is high in fiber, low in calories, full of antioxidants and vitamins—and it’s delicious!”


Luke Fountain,

Sales, Atlas Produce & Distribution

“I love a Medjool date split open and filled with chunky peanut butter. The pair make for a sweet and healthy snack without having to feel guilty about the candy I will indulge myself with, and I know shoppers will have the same sentiments. It’s easy to cross-promote and make for gatherings, a win-win! I’m also known to make a date shake with a dash of spiced rum to enjoy by the fire; now that will make for a great display in both the produce and liquor aisles!” 

Halloween SnackChat