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Leafy Greens Snackchat

Leafy Greens Snackchat


hether it’s a salad craving (usually following an intake of too much sodium) or the need for a vehicle that isn’t bread, leafy greens are a foundational link in the North American food chain. On the menu, in the store, or in consumer kitchens, a member of the leafy greens family is sure to be there for both experienced health seekers and those just starting out on their journeys to eating better. So, how do you ensure you maximize the purchases of all? We tapped a few experts in the peak season of cool crisp leafy green eating to find out…

Brian Cook,

President, Local Bounti

“We are thrilled to expand our business and start shipping our leafy greens out of Georgia, the first of many facilities outside of California in our 50-year history. We chose Georgia because we wanted to expand somewhere people live and breathe our mission the way we do. Georgia Grown, the division of the state’s Department of Agriculture that assists agribusinesses like ours, really impressed and sold us on Georgia. Now that we are a Local Bounti company, we look forward to opening additional locations with the ultimate goal of bringing clean, sustainable, and locally grown greens to people in communities across the country.”


Paul Mastronardi,

President and Chief Executive Officer, Mastronardi Produce®

“The lettuce industry is changing for the better, and we’re excited to be a part of that. Convenience and sustainability are becoming table stakes for consumers in the category. Our new Queen of Greens brand delivers both of those benefits and offers a product that will stand out for its carefully selected varieties and exceptional flavor.”


Stephanie Cantero,

Communications and Marketing Coordinator,
The Nunes Company

“The availability of leafy greens and their versatility make them the perfect vegetable for summer. Leafy greens are a great go-to as a summer side dish, whether it is serving a fresh chopped salad with Romaine hearts, a classic wedge salad with Iceberg lettuce, or simply tossing your favorite leafy green vegetable onto the grill for a little char. Leafy greens are highly nutritious, provide several health benefits, and, due to their versatility as a segment, are gaining popularity with consumers.”


Lara Grossman,

Director of Marketing, Ippolito International

“In the summer months, leafy greens are essential. Consumers want cool, crisp, satisfying nutrition. Buyers need to know that each of these leafy lettuces is distinctive. Green leaf flavor is slightly bitter, but its full-bodied texture proves itself crisp and intact in hot sandwiches. Delicate and light, red leaf has a sweet flavor complementary to tart, acidic flavor, or salty meats and cheeses. Romaine is a crisp and cool lettuce that holds its own in terms of leaf structure—it has an all-around satisfying flavor and texture. In-store delis, retailers, and foodservice operators can heighten engagement with leafy lettuces by promoting not one, but two to three lettuce varieties per sandwich. Pare down the proteins, begin with the leafiest green leaf, Romaine, and red leaf, add pepperoncini slices and Gouda cheese, then finish with a slice of turkey breast. Bring out the salad sandwich!”


Martin Jefferson,

Production Manager, Northern California, Duda Farm Fresh Foods

“Our Salinas Valley, California, operations are positioned in the most ideal location for leafy greens crops with its very mild climate from April to early November. The area is blessed with many different types of soil that are rich with nutrient-holding capacity to enable top production to occur, which is extremely important for us at Duda Farm Fresh Foods. In addition to safety and quality, we also pay close attention to the production which utilizes some of the most cutting-edge technology, equipment, and processes to keep up with producing the best leafy greens in the most efficient manner. We look forward to this year’s Iceberg, Romaine, and green and red leaf crops making their way onto the grocery store shelves, into shoppers’ carts, and finally onto the kitchen table!”


Rick Russo,

Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Church Brothers Farms

“At Church Brothers Farms, we’ve seen our leafy green volumes continue to increase as the foodservice industry is opening up, especially on the value-added segment as labor availability continues to be a challenge for the foodservice operator. Our field-packed items have seen a stronger rebound in Romaine items than in Iceberg. On the value-added side, growth in leafy greens has been strong across the board, with particularly strong growth in our full line of whole-leaf products as well as tender leaf items. In the current climate of high freight costs, our broad assortment has provided a solid foundation to our value proposition for our customers, allowing them to source a broad array of products at one location.” 

Leafy Greens Snackchat