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Libations For All Occasions: Genial Gin-Ger

Libations For All Occasions: Genial Gin-Ger

The universe of mixology and flavor has always intrigued me, ever since I embraced adult drinking. Combining unique liquors, tinkering with amounts, finding out just how much clarity ice can truly achieve in a cooler…all are just a few of the necessary components needed to make a drink worthy of spending $15 at the bar.

That is the thought that sprung to mind when I picked up my bottle of ginger liqueur.

Anybody who has taken a sip from Fever-Tree Ginger Beer knows the spice that hits right at the bridge of the nose, and that was what I wanted to infuse with my new ginger liqueur in an ultimate spicy concoction to sip through the night. A drink that I don’t need to order three of to feel the effects. Maybe just two to enjoy, though, as it is easy to mix.

Part martini, part mule, all sweet, this is a drink that’s easily adjustable to the level of strength the drinker desires—whether in alcoholic content or ginger spiciness. For I guarantee shivers and goosebumps will happen, and it’s not due to the weather outside.


1.5 oz gin

1.5 oz ginger liqueur

0.75 oz sweet vermouth

Ginger beer

Ice cube


Time: 5 min

Servings: 1 cocktail


1. In a wide-rim tumbler or rocks glass, place an ice cube or, if you want a weaker drink, crushed ice.

2. Add in 1 shot (around 1.5 oz) each of gin and ginger liqueur. Next, add in a ½ shot (around .75 oz) of sweet vermouth.

3. Top with ginger beer to preference, Fever-Tree preferred, and stir to combine. Over-stirring will cause the ice cube to melt faster, which will water down the cocktail.

4. Sip freely and enjoy!

Note: To make your own crystal-clear ice worthy of a high-class bar, follow an in-depth video tutorial, such as this one. All you need is filtered water, a small cooler, freezer space, and a serrated knife. An ice pick is a fun plus. Click here to watch a video tutorial.