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November MVP Highlights: DEAN TAYLOR

November MVP Highlights: DEAN TAYLOR

"The sea hates a coward.” Eugene O’Neill might suggest the same for the produce industry, where boldness and courage fare best. A sailor in his own right, Dean Taylor, Vice President of Business Development for Mastronardi Produce®/SUNSET®, utilizes superior leadership like the mighty captain of a crew. Clocking 14 years with the greenhouse grower come January, Dean shares with us how teamwork ripples across his management style. In the vast industry sea, you’ll learn how Dean navigates the greenhouse sector with aplomb.

Dean Taylor

Vice President of Business Development, Mastronardi Produce®/SUNSET®

Time at Mastronardi Produce®/SUNSET®: 14 Years


“I have a wide range of responsibilities and I’m lucky to be able to provide leadership to high-performing teams like Marketing and Research and Development. I also support new business development projects such as our most recent brand launch for Queen of Greens.”

How Sales Becomes A Life Lesson

“I’m so fortunate to work for Mastronardi, a company that enjoys a market-leading position. Expectations are high here, so when I encounter businesses in my personal life that are succeeding and providing exceptional customer service, I realize that there is tremendous effort and teamwork behind them making that happen.”

Surprise Us

“My family and I love boating, and we own a small boat rental business that our entire family runs. It’s been so great to teach our kids and young staff to care for customers, care for our brand, and to excel each day. I get excited about teaching and passing along what I’ve learned over the years.”

A Mentor Mentored: Those Who Have Shaped Dean

Lisa McNeece,

Vice President of Foodservice and Industrial Sales, Grimmway Farms

“She’s like a sister to me and a best friend to both my wife and me. Paul Mastronardi introduced me to Lisa in 2010 when I was leading our Foodservice sales division, and he basically said, ‘Stand next to Lisa, and you will meet everyone in the business.’ He was right.”

Rich Dachman,

Chief Executive Officer, Brighter Bites

“Once a customer, forever a friend­—Rich has inspired me with his compassionate leadership style. The impact he has had on the produce industry is admirable, and if I achieve a fraction of what he has, I know I will have done a lot.”

Paul Mastronardi,

President and Chief Executive Officer, Mastronardi Produce®/SUNSET®

“My boss is cooler than yours. I say it all the time and I mean it. Paul is a true visionary, and he’s passionate about relationships. Whether it be with customers, employees, or suppliers, Paul sets the standard that the entire team here at Mastronardi aspires to reach.”

Words of Wisdom for the Next Generation

“Pick up the phone!”