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Menu Mainstays: July Edition

Menu Mainstays: July Edition

A catalyst on the plate begins in the kitchen. To achieve this, the fresh tools of the trade must drive ingenuity, efficiency, and the bottom line. From risk-takers to tradition’s stalwarts, we bring you the rising and reigning stars of the foodservice plate in this editorial lineup…

Lipman Family Farms®
Crimson Tomatoes

The art of plating is not one taken lightly amongst foodies, as sight is often the first sense through which we experience our food. Lipman Family Farms® exclusive, field-grown Crimson tomato variety easily introduces a vibrant pop of red to any dish, with a uniform presentation that directly calls to the artistic eye. Strategically bred for its signature crimson red color, show-stopping flavor, and high lycopene content with antioxidant properties, the product tends to consumers’ rising focus on maximizing health benefits without sacrificing taste. Reportedly picked at peak freshness and providing year-round consistency, Lipman Family Farms’ Crimson tomatoes bring endless plating possibilities and consumer appeal right to the palm of your hand.


Gold Coast Packing
Chopped Cilantro

In this industry, time is money. When seeking the perfect addition to back-of-house kitchens and restaurant menus, it’s a seemingly obvious choice to seek out an option that not only dazzles diners in terms of flavor but increases efficiency by minimizing necessary labor. Gold Coast Packing has answered our calls with a product that’s all of that and more. As someone who once spent my Saturday mornings methodically chopping up cilantro in a restaurant kitchen, I know how time-consuming it can be. With a 16-day shelf-life, the value-added expert’s Chopped Cilantro offers up a quick, brilliant way to uplift produce-centric salsas, flavorful proteins, and more.


Jacobs Farm del Cabo

Herbs—the unsung hero of some of the most adored gourmet dishes. Easily incorporated into cocktails, salads, or decadent desserts, mint is a simple way to elevate culinary delights with a refreshing pop of flavor. Jacobs Farm del Cabo harvests most of its organic spearmint in Pescadero, California, to arm foodservice operators with a versatile product with never-ending potential in the kitchen. If that isn’t enough to spark your inspiration, the supplier also offers chives, basil, cilantro, and dill to present even more herbaceous opportunities to chefs.


HMC Farms
Sliced Grapes

This revolutionary product from HMC Farms has granted foodservice operators a novel chance to efficiently revitalize their menus with fresh fruit. These innovative sliced grapes make it easier than ever to incorporate the fan-favored offering into a wide array of dishes, and the washed and ready-to-serve format provides a safer, more convenient, and cost-effective alternative to slicing grapes in-house. Available in 1 lb and 4 lb trays, with a 14- to 18-day shelf-life from the date of packing, foodservice providers can harness these small-but-mighty delicacies to decrease prep labor while boosting creativity in the kitchen.


Tanimura & Antle
Artisan Baby Iceberg Lettuce

Just as restaurant-goers are turning their heads to eco-friendly foods with a better impact on the environment, I’m directing your eyes to an offering that delivers on quality, flavor, and sustainability all at once. Tanimura & Antle’s Artisan Baby Iceberg lettuce is the culmination of extensive research and development regarding the variety’s proprietary seed genetics. Engineered to guarantee optimal flavor, quality, and year-round consistency, the product wields the familiar crunch and texture of a traditional Iceberg with a sweeter taste sure to make an impression on consumers. On top of that, the variety requires less water to produce, supporting companies in their overall efforts toward sustainability. A foodservice win-win.