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Menu Mainstays: November Edition

Menu Mainstays: November Edition

A catalyst on the plate begins in the kitchen. From the back of house to the front of house, and all of the tables in between, fresh produce reigns supreme on the plate for chefs and foodies alike. The foodservice sector is a growing part of many fresh produce suppliers’ businesses, and with that growth comes new innovations that are shaping the future of the industry. In this November 2022 issue of our magazine, we invite you to get familiar with these fresh produce offerings that are ruling the kitchen…

Baloian Farms

Marketed under the Pam-Pak and Marty-Boy labels, Baloian Farms’ eggplant offerings for foodservice are an easy solution to the growing demand for versatility. The dynamic vegetable is rich in nutrients while being unique in taste and texture, lending itself to a wide array of recipes. At harvest, the eggplants are hand-cut, immersed in water, and individually wrapped to keep them hydrated and prevent bruising. Baloian provides a 5 x 2 count handled bag for restaurant operators who only need a few eggplants at a time. The grower also offers an affordable choice grade option that appeals to customers who don’t mind working with minor defects such as scarring and misshapen elements.

Boskovich Farms
Sliced or Diced Red Bell Peppers

Slice ’em, dice ’em, stick ’em in a dish—this value-added item is taking over foodservice kitchens one plate at a time. Known for packing a powerful crunch and doubling down on flavor, red bell peppers are a culinary staple for many operators across all facets of the industry. Boskovich Farms’ sliced or diced red bell peppers not only add a flash of color to any dish, but they contribute to a fresh-forward bite that is both healthy and delicious. Professional chefs and their staff will spend less time on prep and more time creating flavorful eating occasions for all to enjoy. What’s not to love?

Crystal Valley Foods
5 Lb French Beans

Get ready to say “bonjour” to one fresh vegetable offering that is changing the game for culinary professionals. Available in 5 lb packs or a 10 count case of 2 lb packs, Crystal Valley Foods’ French beans are a longer, sweeter, thinner, and more tender version of the classic green bean, bringing a fresh flare and irreplaceable texture to the plate. The beans can either come clipped or unclipped, making for the perfect solution to an efficient side dish, casserole, or any other fresh-forward recipe your mind can conjure. Micro-perforated for extended shelf-life, this bulk-sized offering allows for easy menu planning and is sure to delight guests with each bite.

Deli Leaf Lettuce

Characterized with a crunchy, smooth leaf and eye-catching ruffled edges, Misionero’s Deli Leaf Lettuce is a Greenberg hybrid perfect for foodservice kitchens. The size and shape of each leaf is perfectly compatible with any burger, lettuce wrap, or sandwich, yet versatile enough to elevate many different dishes. The lettuce comes washed, trimmed, and ready to use in a 2 x 5 lb pack size that cuts down on back-of-house prep time. With fresh produce continuing to steal the foodservice limelight, this is one leafy green option sure to keep consumers coming back for more. 

Menu Mainstays: November Edition