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Mother's Day Snackchat

Mother's Day Snackchat

A mother’s love knows no bounds, and I would go so far as to say neither does our industry. Whether consumers are celebrating their mothers, sisters, grandmothers, or friends, Mother’s Day is ripe with fresh produce opportunities to make anyone feel special. From handmade berry bouquets to a lavish spread, I—and our produce friends—can think of no better way to honor the occasion than with fresh produce…

Catherine Gipe-Stewart,

Communications Manager, Superfresh Growers®

“When I think of Mother’s Day, brunch instantly comes to mind. Apples add pops of flavor to traditional classics to create an original and special dish. We’ve been eating more plant-based at Superfresh Growers, using apples combined with vegetables in place of meat. One of our current brunch favorites is Spiralized Apple & Sweet Potato Egg Nests. Spiralize an apple and sweet potato, shape in a nest, and bake at 400° F in a ramekin until tender. Then, crack an egg into the nest and bake until eggs are set, about 15 minutes. Other plant-based brunch twists that we’ve been enjoying are Apple, Butternut Squash, and Black Bean Breakfast Tacos and Apple and Squash Hash With Sage and Onion.”

Anthony Innocenti,

Co-Founder and Managing Partner, LIV Organic Produce

“LIV Organic Produce is a one-stop shop for some of the key categories in demand for spring and summer holiday promotions. Retail displays with LIV Organic potatoes front and center will drive your shoppers to create a brunch or dinner heavy on the produce, perfect for showing appreciation for moms. Organic red and yellow potatoes are an ideal side dish to a main course for a Mother’s Day feast as well! Generating conversations as early as possible will help retailers plan the perfect merchandising opportunities, and we can assist in all your supply-side needs.”

Brian Jenny,

Vice President of Sales, Monterey Mushrooms

“Mother’s Day is a time to honor the hard work moms put in throughout the year, and what better way to do that than with a healthy and delicious brunch? Since we like to have a wide variety of brunch options, Portabellas are a perfect pairing because they’re an amazing meat substitute due to their wide, thick body and deep, robust taste. Yet, they’re not as filling as meat. At our house, we make my wife omelettes with bagels and lox. Mushrooms go great in omelettes! At Monterey Mushrooms, we’ve seen retailers have great success promoting mushrooms around Mother’s Day, as they are versatile and can be added to any Mother’s Day menu.”

Craig Slate,

President and Chief Executive Officer, SunFed

“Let’s face it, we all know ‘health is wealth.’ And what better way to show all moms just how much they are loved than with some tasty dishes made with SunFed summer squash, which can benefit eyes, skin, and the all-important heart. For consumers cooking at home and/or restaurant operators preparing to serve moms all across the U.S., make sure to have squash on the menu. You and your customers can check out SunFed’s site for great recipes, like SunFed Herbed Grey Squash Potato & Sausage Casserole or Quick ‘N Easy Zucchini Chicken Pesto. So this year, ensure moms have some beautiful roses, tasty SunFed Perfect Squash®, and an outstanding Mother’s Day!”

Blake Belknap,

Vice President of Sales, Rainier Fruit Company

“Pink Ladys are the perfect spring apple and festive Mother’s Day focus. It is great for everything from snacking to baking, thanks to its crisp texture and sweet/tart flavor. Being the original club variety, these high-flavor apples bring in significant dollars and excitement to the category. Retailers would be keen to remember these pink beauties for their Mother’s Day ads. They’re practically begging to be the feature of a Mother’s Day brunch!”

Carl Mastronardi,

President, DelFrescoPure®

“To better advertise strawberries, retailers need to increase merchandising and present a clear message to the consumers. DelFrescoPure® strawberries are grown locally and shipped the same day as they are picked. Retailers can take advantage of our fresh, clean berries and create larger advertising displays to captivate consumers. These larger displays paired with more shelf talkers, shelf strips, and special callouts will be sure to inspire any husband or child to create the perfect meal and spoil their mothers this holiday. DelFrescoPure’s® outrageously sweet YES!Berries strawberries are the perfect pairing to any Mother’s Day brunch or breakfast in bed.”

Jeff Nichol,

Los Angeles Office Salesperson, Dulcinea Farms/Pacific Trellis Fruit

“There is nothing better than creating an easy dish that everyone in the family will enjoy—even the kids. That is why we love sharing simple summer salad ideas featuring our Dulcinea melons. Start with your favorite green and then add some Dulcinea PureHeart®, SunnyGold®, and Tuscan-Style® melon balls for extra color and flavor variety. Toss in some feta cheese, red onion, olive oil, and balsamic vinegar, and you have a beautiful and tasty salad that is ready in minutes—especially because you don’t have to spend any time removing the melon seeds, as all of Dulcinea melons are seedless!”

Nate Hefti,

Director of Sales, Superior Fresh

“Promoting organic salads during Mother’s Day is a great way to invoke the feeling of spring in the air—and getting kids involved is a great way to do it! Retailers can bundle ingredients together to promote several DIY organic salad kits. Think cake-decorating kit, but with salad! This gives kids a surefire way to treat mom, get excited about dinner preparation, and increase their loyal consumption of healthy organic salads. Take it up a notch and consider adding a fillet of Superior Fresh Atlantic Salmon!”

Diana McClean,

Senior Director of Marketing, Ocean Mist® Farms

“Mother’s Day is the perfect time of year to have artichokes on the table! Our biggest takeaways for retailers is to take advantage of the bright green that Ocean Mist Farms Gold Standard Artichokes bring to the produce aisles. To build visibility, use display bins and cross merchandise artichokes with ingredients for delicious Mother’s Day meals like Instant Pot Lemon & Herb White Wine Artichokes or No Fuss Easy Baked Artichokes. We have several merchandising tools, including display bins, recipe cards, and shelf wobblers for retailers to boost in-store purchases of Ocean Mist Farms artichokes on our trade resources page.”