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Industry Spotlight: Innovative Opportunities

Industry Spotlight: Innovative Opportunities

Located in the Pacific Northwest, care for the environment and the lush soil is a top priority for Rainier Fruit Company. Technological advancements flourish daily, and Rainier is continuously searching and implementing new ways to do it better. This effort takes around-the-clock commitment from people passionate about doing the job right. Rainier’s efforts to work with Mother Nature rather than against her are proven in the company’s premium Honeycrisp program, year-round Washington-grown organic offerings, and 100 percent organically grown blueberries. 


1. Care for the Land 

Rainier grows fruit in some of the most beautiful country in the Pacific Northwest. If Rainier had one legacy to pass on, it would be the ongoing culture of trying to do the right thing as a steward of the land. And after decades of growing in the Pacific Northwest’s vastly different microclimates, that means a whole host of things, from protecting pollinators with the company’s Bee Better Certified™ program to optimizing natural resources with new technologies to creating the company’s own humus program. Rainier believes the more you give back to Mother Nature, the more Mother Nature will give back to you. 


2. Passion to do it right

Martin Prado, one of Rainier’s Area Managers, embodies farming. The 28 year old grew up working with his dad, doing every job there is while managing an orchard. “It makes me feel great when we’re able to turn a pretty white flower in May into a cherry by July or an apple by September—especially the way we do it, putting the land and the trees first,” Martin expressed. “I couldn’t see myself doing anything else; this is my passion. The secret to enjoying your life is loving what you do, and I love to work outside with great people. I know at the end of the year when our fruit gets in the barn, it’s some of the best in the industry. That’s rewarding.”


3. Staying Cool

With a mission to optimize resources and work toward a more sustainable system, Rainier installed foggers to keep its canopies cool while only using 1.6–2.3 gallons of water an hour. As Martin spends a majority of his time outside with the team, he reports this advancement helps reflect the sun, reducing temperatures by an average of 10 degrees, keeping workers cool, and creating better ground conditions for fruit.