Sweeten your everyday!



One of my favorite things about the fall season is hitting the fair. While the local fair in my hometown of Buckeye, Arizona, is quite humble in appearance, it is the grounds for a host of core childhood memories that could never be erased. One of those key recollections? The first sip of a fresh, classic fair lemonade.

You can guess by the title of this article that we didn’t come here to make any regular ol’ lemonade. Instead, we’re giving a fan-favorite drink another citrus-centric twist. Inspired by the delicious fairground staple, this Orange Cranberry Limeade taps into a sweet-but-sour sensation that will transport you right back to the county festival. And if you really want to commit—I’m willing to bet it pairs perfectly with a fried turkey leg, crispy corn dog, or fluffy funnel cake.

Hear the rush of roller coasters around you as fresh oranges and limes converge to create more than just a classic beverage. If you truly embrace the thrill, this creation can be the conduit to an invigorating experience or a fun-filled memory.

So, sit back, keep your hands and feet inside the vehicle at all times, and let fresh produce take you on a ride.


1 fresh orange

1 fresh lime

2–3 tsp sugar (optional)

2 oz 100 percent cranberry juice

Fresh strawberries, halved

Prosecco (optional)


Additional orange slices, for garnish


Time: 10 min

Servings: 1


1. Squeeze as much juice as possible from the orange and the lime into a cocktail shaker. If you prefer your indulgence on the sweeter side like I do, now would be a good time to sprinkle in that sugar as well.

2. Add cranberry juice and ice to the shaker and shake vigorously.

3. Pour the mixture into a highball cocktail glass and add more ice if needed. Sprinkle in a few halved strawberries and add an orange slice for garnish.

4. If desired, top the glass with your favorite Prosecco and enjoy!

Note: To truly tap into the carnival energy, skip step one and cut the orange and lime into slices. Add sugar and muddle the citrus in the bottom of an empty jar or deli container. Add cranberry juice, orange slices, and Prosecco to the container and sip leisurely with a silly straw!