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Sweet Potatoes

Sweet Potatoes

There is warmth in the sweet potato category. From its glorious color palette to the feeling of comfort that comes with each eating experience, these special spuds have consumers coming back to the produce aisle again and again. Diversity of supply is key, though, so check out all of the exciting varieties, and let your merchandising imagination run wild…


Flavor: Traditional sweet brown sugar flavor; apricot and floral aroma

Shape: Elongated

Eatability: Smooth, excellent for baking, roasting, or in casseroles

Color: Copper-rose to tan skin, orange flesh


Flavor: Moist, sweet, and earthy

Shape: Short and blocky

Eatability: Smooth and fibrous, softer variety

Color: Burnt-orange skin, orange flesh


Flavor: Very sweet and extra moist

Shape: Elongated

Eatability: Smooth

Color: Red-copper to plum skin, orange flesh


Flavor: Sweet and moist

Shape: Elongated and blocky

Eatability: Smooth and fibrous

Color: Rust-orange skin, orange flesh


Flavor: Mildly sweet, drier-tasting, full, nutty flavor, with vanilla aroma, an exotic alternative to traditional sweet potatoes

Shape: Short and blocky

Eatability: Smooth, dry, firm, and dense

Color: Dark purple skin, white flesh


Flavor: Mild, sweet, drier-tasting, with a nutty and earthy flavor

Shape: Longer and thinner when compared to blocky, elongated spuds

Eatability: Smooth and dry with medium firmness; low in visual and residual fiber

Color: Yellow skin, white to yellow flesh