Dick Spezzano

As Vice President of the Produce and Floral Division for The Vons Companies from 1983 to 1997, Dick oversaw innovations like multi-deck produce cases, extensive value-added sections, specialty produce sections, and more. He served as Chairman of the PMA in 1995 and of the Fresh Produce and Floral Council (FPFC) of California in 2003, and is currently Past Chairman of The Center for Growing Talent by PMA, also serving as a Board member. He has worked full time for his Spezzano Consulting Service, Inc. since 1997, specializing in perishables for businesses and associations ranging from production agriculture to retail. His accolades include Produce Marketer of the Year (1993), FPFC’s Produce Achievement Award (2003), and the PMA’s Bob Carey Award (2014).

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