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The 'Gift' of Time Off and More with Joe Produce

Being laid off, downsized, let go, or fired is typically a horrible experience, and in terms of stress, ranks right up there with divorce or a death in the family.


For the many of us who have been put into this situation, not only have we lost our income and financial security, but also the daily contact with some of our best friends. Even worse is that our professional roles have a big impact on how we view ourselves and how we perceive that others view us. Going from VP of “Whatever” to unemployed can be a tough pill to swallow.


Hopefully, along with having family and friends to support you at this time, a few tips from Joe Produce on how to deal with your newfound free time will help you get back on the right track, and back into the workforce.


If economically possible, I suggest immediately taking some time to stop and smell the roses. That may mean catching up on some sleep, exercising, taking your kids to school, or something as simple as grocery shopping. The point is to relax, take a break, and get some perspective.


 Job Search


Once you do decide to start the search for your new job, here are a few recommendations:


1. Check out Joe Produce’s most recent article in October’s issue of The Snack, or better yet, grab our checklist on what not to forget when searching for a job by scanning the QR-code below.


2. Take care of yourself—when you’re hydrated, eating right, and exercising, you’d be surprised how this affects how you feel about yourself and how others perceive you.


3. Work on your job search during set hours and days. For example, Monday through Friday from 9 to 5.


4. Take advantage of this gift of free time… Yes, gift… Spend time with your family, read a book, get organized, get healthy, etc.


Follow these simple steps and I guarantee that you’ll be a more attractive candidate in your upcoming interviews and your family will like you a whole lot better throughout your journey.


So you’ve finally found a new position—now what?


Once you secure your new job, if at all possible, try to schedule your first day so that you have a week or two to be off and employed. Think about it—no emails or piles of paper building up while you’re gone; you know that you’re going to a great new job, and your “job of finding a job” is over. Enjoy this time!


Even if you’re not currently unemployed, there are two key points that you should keep in mind:


1. Be nice to all people on your way up the ladder of success, and you’re more likely to receive reciprocal help when you slide down during the rough times.


2. Stay friendly and positive, and use this experience to help you grow as a person and professional.


Be sure to thank everyone who supported you throughout your “time off”; especially those who perhaps weathered a few storms while you dealt with your anxieties, frustrations, and doubts.

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