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My Favorite Things

Adriana Frias, Marketing Specialist, Duda Farm Fresh Foods

A voice can be as singular as a fingerprint, especially on paper. Adriana Frias is one of these talented beings who make me begrudge line limits because I simply want to keep reading. Dive into beautiful past, present, and imaginings with Duda Farm Fresh Foods’ Marketing Specialist to see what I mean…

  • My Grandmother, Rosa
  • My Animals
  • Learning
  • The Smell After Rain
  • "13 Going On 30"
  • "My Truth"
  • Mexican Mole
  • Salinas Valley, California
  • Lazy Sundays

"I’ve never met someone who felt more like home. She is the strongest woman I know, and I hope to be just like her when I grow up."
"I was never a lonely child with five dogs and one cat around. After my beloved orange tabby Sandy and chihuahua Brat passed, I adopted Salem, Tammy Lynn, and Molly in their honor."
"It helps me to better myself and meet some great people too. My boss and mentor, Nichole Towell, taught me this."
"The sweet, fresh smell when you walk out after a storm—like a new beginning."
"This reminds me of my momma and has a huge lesson: Don’t grow up too fast and don’t forget to do the things that make you happy!"
"The memoir I wrote during the pandemic. I hope to publish it someday soon!"
"Growing up, this was always my favorite meal my grandma would make."
"There are memories on every corner from Monterey to Gonzales. I love my home."
"My reset day to enjoy time with my husband, Cris, and my animals."