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My Favorite Things

My Favorite Things: Natalie J. Machado, National Director of Marketing, FreshSource

Say Natalie J. Machado’s name at nearly any fresh produce industry gathering, and you will find a host of friends and admirers alike singing her praises. Natalie’s expertise, passion, and deep commitment to her clients and colleagues are just a few of the many things the industry loves about her. But we wanted to know, what are a few of her favorite things…

  • My Husband
  • Animals
  • My Family
  • Travel
  • Winter
  • Floral Design Classes
  • Movies
  • Quotes
  • My Mentor

"Randy is my rock, my best friend—we make such a great team. He’s my everything!"
"My dog, Vasco, is a loveable 130 lb Bernese Mountain Dog that goes everywhere with my husband and me."
"I wouldn’t be the person I am today without their love and support."
"I love to travel; especially to Portugal where my husband and I have ancestral roots. When we are there, we feel like we are home!"
"Love this season, especially the snow, and cozying up next to a fire with my husband and Vasco."
"I really appreciate the arrangements and heartfelt thought that goes into designing each arrangement."
"One of the more recent ones that stands out to me is The Secret Life of Walter Mitty—absolutely love the cinematography."
"'The only limit to your impact is your imagination and commitment.' - Anthony Robbins"
"Steve Junqueiro—I love the wealth of knowledge my father continually provides me! It is something we truly connect over; I will always be extremely grateful."