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My Favorite Things

Cynthia Haskins, President and Chief Executive Officer, New York Apple Association

It is all the small things added up that make life so grand, and Cynthia Haskins has an affinity for the simplicities of the journey. Embracing the moments of relaxation and inspiration in her day-to-day life, this apple whiz has an undeniable knack for creativity and self-care. Whether she’s hitting the snooze button on a Sunday morning or donning an old pair of blue jeans and a T-shirt to enjoy the outdoor breeze, Cynthia sets out to uncover the beauty of the everyday. Read on to find out a few of the things most cherished by this admirable industry expert…

  • Art
  • Books
  • Painting on Canvas
  • Day Trips
  • The Spa
  • A Slow-Sipped Coffee
  • My Dog
  • Music
  • Mountains

" I love visiting a local art gallery or festival."
" I lean toward self-help books, but now and again, a paperback romance hits the spot."
" This is very meditative for me—it is my zen."
" You can’t beat a little getaway to recharge and experience something new."
" Need I say more?"
" A cold one or a hot one."
" I have adopted four in my life—so far. I have loved them all the same, just differently."
" Sometimes, you just have to crank it up with 'Born to be Wild,' or mellow it down with some Sade."
" I love a good view."