No ordinary apple.

My Favorite Things

Amy Gates, Vice President, Greenyard USA/Seald Sweet

On a busy afternoon in the middle of fall, an email from Amy Gates lands in my inbox; in it, some lyrics to The Sound of Music’s “My Favorite Things.” This is the perfect introduction to the ambitious yet fun-spirited Vice President, whose short list of favorites will only make you eager to learn more about her as you read on. A self-proclaimed over-achiever with a bright personality and contagious energy—there is much to know and love about this talented member of our industry, and it goes so much further than just raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens…

  • My 1967 Camaro
  • Pismo Beach
  • Homemade Fresh Bread
  • Music
  • Harmony
  • Bird Watching
  • Coconut and Turmeric Coffee
  • Kayaking
  • Hugging My Kids After a Long Day

"I rebuilt it with my Dad in high school, and I love to drive it on the weekends."
"I went to California Polytechnic State University and fell in love with this little beach. My family makes an annual pilgrimage back each year."
"My great-grandma made the best, but I will take any fresh, homemade bread piping hot from the oven."
"All kinds, all the time, depending on my mood."
"I always pick a word of the year, and this year, I’m really seeking balance and connection!"
"Bird watching is really just hiking with a purpose; I love finding new areas and species during my work travels."
"I love Safeway’s Signature SELECT flavored coffee!"
"I grew up on the river and love to kayak with my kids."
"This is really my favorite thing—they are so sweet and love me, good day or bad."