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My Favorite Things

Jennifer Sanchez, Vice President of Marketing, Sun World International

The first time I met Jennifer, her warmth and exuberance made a then-green produce professional feel right at home. Since then, her industry knowledge and incredible drive have helped me connect the dots across marketing, innovation, and fresh vision in ways she probably can’t even imagine! Naturally, I wanted to know more about what makes this produce maven tick, and she did not disappoint in this list of her favorite things…

  • Sunflowers
  • LEGO® Pieces
  • Cooking
  • Mexican Food
  • Drum Lessons
  • Dogs
  • Spotify
  • Family
  • Spontaneous Trips

"They always brighten my day."
"Our house is full of them, and they add color and personality to our home."
"I love days where I have the time to cook for family and friends."
"A go-to for any meal."
"I love seeing the joy on my son Bennett’s face when he plays."
"Love my own, and I always have to stop and say hello to pups I see out and about."
"Perfect for singing along to in the car. Usually on-key!"
"We have big families on both sides, and I wouldn’t change it for the world!"
"Any place my husband Matt and I can get away to for a few days!"