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A Closer Look at Misionero’s Earth Greens Organic Romaine Lettuce

Like a beacon in the produce aisle, Misionero calls shoppers into the leafy greens section. Organic, dynamic, dare I say, epic?

The expansion of Misionero’s Earth Greens Organic Washed & Trimmed line brings field-grown Romaine and Green Leaf lettuces to its portfolio, thereby expanding the consumer’s craving for fresh and healthy. And with a vivacious blue against purple on the Romaine packaging, heads will turn.

Misionero’s Earth Greens brand is committed to the formula Organic + Healthy = Happy. As shopping trends continue to show organics as a booming sector, I am a believer in this equation. While each product in the salad line comes in a 5 oz offering, the new Romaine and Green Leaf SKUs will be packaged in 7 oz peel and reseal packaging for ready-to-use versatility.

Ideal for salads, sandwiches, wraps, boats, smoothies, juices…you think it, consumers will make it. The value-added line makes meal prep a breeze, and your shoppers’ imaginations will fly when they see organic Romaine leaves next to items such as cuts of protein, juicy fruits for salads, or Vietnamese noodles for a myriad of dishes.

Bring something fresh to the basket as shoppers prepare their holiday meals, and watch as they head back to the aisles for repeat purchases.The Snack Endstop