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A Closer Look at Bard Valley Natural Delights® Truffles

When you want to inspire someone to taste something new, engulf it in chocolate. This sure-fire approach has already expanded the reach of a host of key categories, especially those within the produce department. Now, Bard Valley Natural Delights® is harnessing the power of chocolate to attract shoppers to the date section with its newly released Truffles.

Utilizing wholesome ingredients that pack powerful health attributes, Bard Valley Natural Delights offers a unique twist to most chocolate-covered snacks. This is achieved by using Medjool dates to naturally sweeten its Truffles and provide additional nutritional benefits. By bringing such an alluring innovation to store shelves, retailers can encourage consumers to try dates in ways they may have never thought of before—and even appeal to shoppers who previously weren’t interested in purchasing dates at all.

Taking the spotlight today is the Dark Chocolate with Probiotic variety, which features fresh Medjool date pieces wrapped in decadent dark chocolate with added BC30 probiotics. Chocolate Blueberry and Chocolate Cherry round out this flavorful lineup, with each offering intentionally developed based on comprehensive selling data that pointed to these flavors as some of the most demanded within the chocolate sector.

This collection of hard-to-resist flavor combinations is sure to drive traffic to the date category, and the resulting sales gain will be ever so sweet.The Snack Endstop