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A Closer Look at Natural Delights® Organic Mini Medjool Dates

When I typed “dates fruit” in my search engine, one of the first images to appear mirrored one I had just been admiring not minutes before—a key indicator that a brand is succeeding in its recognition strategy.

It is little surprise Bard Valley Natural Delights® comes up quickly in date research. The brand is hitting all the marks in physical and digital ROI on its mission to change the face of an ancient fruit. Now, with its new Organic Mini Medjool Dates, the company has come full circle in this expedition, honoring the soil that enriches the produce as well as a moniker that has spread like wildfire through our industry.

Versatility is key in this fruit dressed as an indulgent offering, which is easily sold as a dessert or as a healthy on-the-go snack. Utilize them in your Valentine’s Day merchandising displays, your high-impulse purchase areas, or surprise shoppers with what looks like candy in the healthy snack section. I will happily swap out my See’s box for the snow-topped Organic Cacao Coconut, a standout among multiple SKUs to choose from.

Ramping up the burgeoning date sector with a smaller, more portable take on its classic rolls, Natural Delights is bringing balance to the bite-sized market with nutrition and variety. Add to the package a natural sweetness, a plethora of toppings, and a suspicious amount of nutritional value for such a tasty treat, and you have a match to spark impulse buys wherever you might need them.The Snack Endstop