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A Closer Look at Bee Sweet Citrus Royal Red Oranges

You’re taking your usual walk through the grocery store when you are halted by a regal discovery. A massive throne awaits you. In it sits no human king or queen; instead, another form of royalty equally deserving of a crown.

I’m talking about Bee Sweet Citrus’ Royal Red oranges.

Majestic magenta hues emanate from the inside of this illustrious variety, cloaked beneath a blushed rind that locks in the fruit’s sweet, berry-like flavor. Not only is the Royal Red orange a great source of vitamin C and a versatile addition to cocktails, desserts, and more, the category standout is adorned in eye-catching packaging that makes for a grand display. As shoppers stop to appreciate its splendor, there’s no doubt they’ll be walking away with a bag or two of these mouth-watering oranges. Creative point-of-sale materials also elevate the fruit to further greatness.

Harvest for this coveted variety begins in December. The citrus offering welcomes increased opportunities in the era of social media, as its naturally occurring pigment is inherently photogenic—meaning consumers will be eager to share not just the flavorful experience of the fruit, but the aesthetic one as well. If you ask me, that’s a surefire way to maximize citrus sales this season.

So, turn the produce department into a palace and give your consumers the elegance and luxury they seek in their everyday lives.The Snack Endstop