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A Closer Look at BelleHarvest’s New Apple Cartons and Packaging

Changes in packaging trends are par for the course in the fresh produce industry. Not only do consumers want sustainable and eye-catching packaging—they expect it. Rolling out two new formats to host its premium apples, BelleHarvest has more than delivered on those expectations.

First, the company ventured to create all-new, environmentally friendly apple cartons for its Honeycrisp, Fuji, and Gala apples, with each box displaying a different color depending on the variety. These innovative cartons are sure to stop shoppers in their tracks, and are guaranteed to inspire repeat purchases. 

Additionally, BelleHarvest has introduced its new PAW Patrol branded packaging, featuring the stars of one of the most popular kid shows in the country. Also available for Honeycrisp, Fuji, and Gala apple varieties, these fun-filled packs target families who are working to add more fresh produce to their diets.

Sometimes, all it takes to lock down sales is some flashy packaging that diversifies the produce aisle. While consumers love to buy fresh produce based on values and quality, they also make their purchasing decisions based on what catches their eye. That being said, investments in new packaging never go unnoticed.

Each of BelleHarvest’s new packaging options are proven to turn heads, so don’t hesitate to get them on your shelves!