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A Closer Look at DelFrescoPure® New Heirloom Tomato Tray

Good things come in threes.

Sure, you’ve heard this phrase before. But what context am I applying it to here in the pages of our latest issue? None other than the newest Heirloom tomato tray from DelFrescoPure®.

The cardboard tray houses three different Heirloom tomatoes sporting unique sizing, flavor, and color. Like all of DelFrescoPure’s packaging, the new tray clearly displays vibrant and clean branding that makes the products found inside that much more appealing.

Doubling down on these highly coveted factors of any good produce packaging, DelFrescoPure’s new Heirloom tomato tray is 100 percent recyclable and complete with a clear flow wrap. This eco-friendly differentiation is in line with the grower’s continued sustainability goals—a value many consumers hold close to their hearts and wallets.

Display this new packaging prominently near complimentary items throughout the grocery store. Shoppers would be remiss to pass up a display with fresh herbs merchandised alongside the Heirloom tomato pack. Or, take shoppers on a flavor vacation and place the pack beside some Italian pastas and cheeses to let the imagination run wild.

No matter how you slice it, DelFrescoPure’s new tomato tray is a hat trick on the shelf and in the kitchen.The Snack Endstop