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A Closer Look at EarthFresh 100 Percent Compostable Paper Bags

In a game of Rock-Paper-Scissors, paper is my go-to choice. It may be because people usually choose rock, but I have always leaned toward the paper route in life, especially when it comes to grocery shopping.

EarthFresh has thrown its own hand in the game with a new bag look and an aesthetic twist with its latest release—a 100 percent compostable paper packaging option for its potatoes.

With the category already a staple product in most baskets and carts, EarthFresh is looking to drive demand even further. Shoppers are always looking for something convenient, healthy, and mindful. This new format is the embodiment of all those needs with the added bonus of organic appeal. If the rustic green and brown didn’t elicit an image of nature, the bold organic wording will surely drive consumers to grab the bags straight from the shelves.

The innovative producer is rolling out this sustainable alternative for its complete product line of organic and conventional potatoes, and produce praisers and sustainability supporters will find themselves reaching for this new packaging. Available in all pack sizes, including baby potatoes in 1 lb and 1.5 lb bags and A- and B-sized potatoes in 3, 5, and 10 lb bags, the new packaging requires less carbon to manufacture and returns nutrients back to the Earth.

EarthFresh has shown its hand in the green game, and everybody who partakes leaves a winner.