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A Closer Look at Fair Earth Farms New Retail Salad Line

The first time I tried the new Fair Earth Farms’ Coconut Cashew Crunch bagged salad offering, I was immediately inspired to stop jotting down all my notes on the eating experience and just enjoy it. That is what the new restaurant-inspired recipes from Boskovich Farms’ Fresh Prep operation are bringing to the table: A convenient, delicious, and moment-encapsulating dish that demands the attention of all of the consumer’s senses.

The complete value-added product line features taste bud-teasers in addition to Coconut Cashew Crunch like Mexican Caesar, Two Way Spinach, Bacon Buttermilk, Sierra Sunrise, and Chipotle Coleslaw—all available in both single-serve and bagged salad kits.

For those entering the eco-friendly experience in their top priorities, the new Fair Earth Farms’ salads have also been introduced in 100-percent home compostable packaging. Fair Earth Farms’ innovative packaging was developed specifically with the goal of eliminating petroleum-based outer plastic packaging entirely.

In addition, the clean design allows the salad ingredients to speak for themselves while banking its flavorful and sustainable vision on the packaging ingenuity of its research and development team.

With a color palette driven to entice and welcome guests to the bagged salad destination at the produce department, Boskovich’s Fair Earth Farms brand and offerings are sure to elevate the ring at the register as the premium product draws a range of consumer demographics and veggie lovers.